Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm Alive!

Still no Irish stuff to tell you about... But as I said in my last post I did participate in the Salsa 2-4 Fest mountain bike race this past Friday and Saturday with my brother Eric and friends Eric Braaten and Ted Isenberg!

The race went off well and as a team we came 1 lap away from our goal of 24 laps in 24 hours! If it wasn't for a lighting malfunction at 3 am we would have had it too! Oh well. Although competition was tough, as was the course, the whole experience was lots of fun! I found myself to be pretty well prepared for it fitness wise, although there is definitely lots of room for improvement on my part... I did feel better and better as the race went on and my fastest 2 laps actually were my last 2, in about 56 minutes a piece. For perspective though, the really, really good guys were consistently riding 36, 37, 38, 39, & 40 minute laps...Crazy!

Each lap was about 7.6 miles of climbs, downhill sections, rocky and rooted climbs and descents, many a switchback, and lots and lots of elevation change. Lots of elevation change is an understatement, as the majority of the course was climbing up, up, and more up. Check this link out to see the numbers and a fun little animation of the course distance and elevation change, "Reality Check".

Despite the nasty sounds of it, the course was a lot of fun to ride, I did my fair share of grunting and grimacing, but it really was fun and I'd ride it again.

Now, if you are a numbers person, here are a few.
-As a team we rode 23 laps in 24 hours.
-With each lap being about 7.6 miles, the 4 of us together rode about 174.8 miles in 24 hours.
-With almost an even 6 laps a piece, that is about 45-46 miles a piece.
-This is for fun, I slept for 3 of the 24 hours.

Overall, it was a very good time, I had a lot of fun and I think I can say the same for my teammates! As I said, I would consider doing it again!

I fly to London Tuesday night and I have barely started packing........I'll keep you updated, Enjoy the week!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pre-Ireland Activities

Well, with no Ireland or other European countries to ramble about yet, I guess I'll inform you of my other endeavor in the meantime.

I am signed up to compete in the Salsa 2-4 Fest, a 24 hour mountain bike race at Afton Alps tomorrow. Woo! I am not actually riding my bike for 24 hours like the hardcore guys, but I will be attempting to do 6 hours as part of a 4 man team. It should be a fun and interesting 24 hours starting at 5 pm tomorrow, August 28.
I am pretty nervous and rather excited for it and if all else fails, it is very likely that I will get to see some pretty awesome bikes in the process (I really, really like bikes). Sooo, that is that I guess...
I fly out in 4ish days...crazy!

Have a good evening!

I said i wasn't going to do this....

Well, here goes nothing... I said I wasn't going to do a blog for my trip to Ireland, but I gave in. I figure it is easier to keep everyone updated this way.
Anyway, for all who don't know, I will be spending Fall 2009 in Ireland studying abroad in and around Galway County on the west coast of Ireland. More specifically I will be at the Park Lodge Hotel just outside of the village of Spiddal.
This is going to be an excellent experience and I am beyond excited for it! I fly out of MSP on September 1st with 2 good friends, Jimmy Backes and Thomas Joyce, and we are scheduled to land in London on September 2nd! From there we will travel to Munich, Vienna, and Prague, then from Prague we head to Dublin and across to Galway! We are supposed to report to Park Lodge on September 10th to meet with the other members of our group. I am very excited and very nervous for this adventure to begin, but for now I am just biding my time!
For everyone here in Minneosta and elsewhere, have an excellent fall and good luck with school and work and what not! Check in when you can, I'll keep you posted!